March 17, 2022 | Knowledge Bank

What’s Next? Your Career Path as an Artificial Intelligence Graduate

Artificial intelligence has a bright career outlook, that’s why Artificial intelligence is brimming with job openings. On the plus side, it implies that for those with the skills, employment in Artificial intelligence nearly guaranteed and well-paid.

Indonesia's demand for AI Graduates

The development of artificial intelligence (AI) in Indonesia is accelerating in parallel with the number of internet users. By early 2021, 202.6 million individuals, or more than 70% of Indonesia's population, have access to the internet. Furthermore, with the growth of start-ups, AI is increasingly utilised to support business operations like huge data processing.

Hence, AI graduates will continuously be in demand as the capacity of human resources who can make use of competent computing power is constantly needed.

Studying AI in the UK is excellent for you with an area of interest in career developing societally beneficial data science and artificial intelligence solutions to business s it will provide you with close integration of AI and machine learning study with a highly supportive environment.

Career Paths

Graduating with an AI degree will empower you with directly applicable skills for a career in a variety of areas, including finance, healthcare and automotive in roles such as:

  • Machine Learning Engineer/Scientist
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Architect
  • Cloud Engineer
  • Applications Architect
  • Infrastructure Archiect
  • Software Developer

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