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We recognise how important it is for students to be able to figure out your true interest. For recent graduates, deciding what you want to study in university can be a little bit difficult since there are a lot of things you need to consider before applying to a university.

It is a big step to take for you and you may not have a clear idea about what it takes to study at a university, but we are here to counsel and guide you to find out what your goals are and what you truly want to achieve.

Graduates who would like to continue their further study to pursue a more specific major and/or career path often came across the dilemma on where to study instead of what major to go after. Noting the fact that many universities specialise in particular courses or are simply well known for certain courses. We’ve partnered up with ten UK universities with a range of majors offered from game design, architecture and many more.

Check out our university partners to learn more about entry requirements, top majors and more.

Young Indonesian Professionals' Association (YIPA) UK

The association aims to promote business, commerce and investment links between the UK and Indonesia through a community of future business leaders of Indonesia. YIPA Mentorship Scheme – YIPA Mentorship Director has initiated three mentorship initiatives: YIPA – BritCham Associate for Indonesian students; senior mentorship for professionals and professionals network groups.

YIPA and British Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia are pleased to launch a joint initiative targeted to Indonesian Students of UK Universities, called YIPA-BritCham Associates Membership.

The sign-up process is managed by YIPA in the UK and they will share the data with BritCham Indonesia. The YIPA-BritCham Associate membership was launched on 29th October 2018 at the Indonesia Career Evening 2018, the biggest annual career event for Indonesian students in the UK to gain employability insights, to meet company representatives and to network with professionals

Indonesian students studying in the UK who sign up as YIPA-BritCham Associates Members may enjoy the following benefits:

  • Eligible to YIPA mentorship scheme whilst in the UK to attain career guidance and find the right mentor from our network of professionals in the UK.
  • Receive invitation to selected YIPA events in the UK and to get involved in the association.
  • Eligible for two years of BritCham membership at no cost, upon returning to Indonesia, and enjoy access to BritCham events in Jakarta.
  • BritCham offers to upload your CV and provide access to its corporate members with career opportunities for YIPA-BritCham Associate Members.
  • YIPA-BritCham Associate Members will be regarded as members of BritCham in all ways except voting rights.

For BritCham Premier Members

Do you wish to access the CVs of YIPA BritCham Associate members for the purposes of checking career compatibility?

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For BritCham Members

Are you looking for the bright Indonesians, graduated from UK and seeking further collaboration with them in your company?

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