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Internship and First Job Placement


It is a plus to do your internship abroad, not only that you get to experience working in an international environment, you will also gain industry and soft skills that will help you advance your career in the future.

Today, internship is not only about making coffee and photocopying documents. Companies now seek fresh graduates with working experience.

Summer holiday in the UK is lengthy, take this opportunity to develop your soft skills such as critical thinking, teamwork, and time management by doing internship programme. You might be thinking “I’m worried I wouldn’t be selected as a candidate” or “How can I prepare my first interview if I have never been in one?”.

Worry not! BritCham Education Centre will provide you with internship counselling. You may consult with us about your career choice/s to get a clear picture on what qualifications are appealing for employers. The university's student support is also there to help you prepare for your career, from CV/essay writing workshops to soft skills trainings.

First Job Placement

Parallel to President Jokowi’s plan to boost Indonesia’s human capital development, we believe that professional training and development is necessary to enhance the quality of the skills of future talents.

Current students and fresh graduates often ask themselves “What do I need to prepare for my interview?” or “What skills do I need to strive in the professional world?”. With this, we understand the importance of developing appropriate skills needed for future talents to achieve success after graduation.

Following your admission to your selected university, you will also receive supervision in your preparation for your post graduation and career plans through recommendations from our partner.

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