• What is BritCham Education Centre?

    • BritCham Education Centre is a business unit sitting within the British Chamber of Commerce (BritCham) Indonesia's Executive Office. Our focus is to assist Indonesian students who are looking to continue their further study in the UK. The assistance we provide starts from university selection to guidance for internship and first job placement. We utilise our entire stakeholder networks to support the decisions you make.

  • Who are BritCham Education Centre's university partners?

    • BritCham has put together a panel of UK universities whose employability ratings cover subject areas aligned with national goals and talent gaps. Our university partners have modelled trendy content and qualifications aimed at next-generation business needs. Check out our university partners here.

  • How can BritCham Education Centre help me to pursue my further study in the UK?

    • We will assist you with a selection of universities based on a number of factors, mainly: your interests, universities' graduate employability rank as well as employer preferences. Additionally, we are also able to assist you with preparation for the university’s qualifications including visa, travel, and accommodation as well as provide you with career guidance.

  • Why should I continue my further study in the UK?

    • These are some of the compelling reasons why you should pursue your further study in the UK: global connections, high quality education (focus on employability), multicultural living and learning environment – fluency in real English English!

  • What things should I consider in choosing a university for my further study?

  • What is the English proficiency requirement if I would like to study at a UK university?

  • What type of visa do I need if I want to study in the UK?

  • If I am a university student in the UK, am I able to start my first job in the UK?

    • With the UK government's announcement of the Graduate Route Visa in 2021, international students are now allowed to stay and work OR stay and look for work in the UK after graduating from a university in the UK.

      With this new visa regulation, all international students who have successfully completed an undergraduate or master’s degree will be able to benefit from two years of work experience in the UK upon graduation. Meanwhile, students who complete their PhD will be able to stay for three years.