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Before your departure to the UK, we are able to assist you in finding flexible flight details, from pricing to the most convenient date of departure. Upon your arrival at the airport, most of our university partners will provide you with a mode of transport that will take you to the university. When you arrive at your university, you will be briefed about the university, getting around and your accommodation.


Studying abroad and living in another country is a big step into your future, you must be able to take care of yourself and be independent. This includes buying your own groceries, paying bills, travel and other miscellaneous activities. The most important thing when coming into a new country is finding a place to live. Price, location, type of building, facilities are things you must take into consideration.

We are able to guarantee you accommodation upon arriving in the UK as most universities have university accommodation for first year students so you won’t have to worry about finding affordable accommodation for the course of your study. Afterwards you may continue to stay at the university residence or pick out other accommodation.
Read more about accommodation and living costs in the UK here.


In preparation for your study we are able to assist you in visa application. Please do check the required documents needed and provide us with said materials. Once we have your documents ready, we will assist you to process your visa. Visa is usually processed within 3 weeks. You may check documents and other requirements needed to process your visa here.

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