January 24, 2024 | Knowledge Bank

Here are the Reasons Why You Should Study in the UK

Choosing a place to study can be quite challenging, especially when you consider embarking on a study journey to a place you have never been to. However, don’t fret! To help with your confusion, we are here to provide you with compelling reasons that will make you understand why studying in the UK would be a great option!

  • High-quality Learning

Universities in the UK are often showcased on the lists of top universities worldwide ranging from the Times Higher Education Rankings to the QS World Rankings. In addition to their prestigious achievements, universities in the UK had to undergo regular assessments by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) for Higher Education. Parents concerned about their children’s education can rest assured as the QAA helps to ensure that students acquire top-notch education.

  • Shorter course duration

The UK offers shorter course duration in comparison to other countries in the world. Completing an undergraduate degree takes just three years, and a postgraduate degree can be wrapped up in only one year. Resulting in significantly lower fees for both tuition and living costs. 

Additionally, UK Universities extend special subsidies for Indonesian Students! Whether you're seeking a full scholarship or a partial one, we have compiled all the details of these subsidies in our booklet, click here

  • Work Placements with Industry Link 

In most UK universities, they would provide you with the practical opportunity to work in industries relevant to your major. Such a programme is coined as a ‘sandwich degree’ as the work placement is often conducted between a student’s second and third year in university. 

There are multiple benefits to experiencing work placement as an extension of your course. First and foremost, this experience would provide you with an unforgettable practice, including industry skills that would be beneficial for your future career as a graduate. It also allows you to explore the dynamics of working in UK companies or even overseas! Learn more about sandwich degrees by clicking on this link

  • High employability rating

UK universities score with flying colours in terms of graduate employability based on The QS Graduate Employability Rankings in 2019. According to QS Rankings, there are five criteria for graduate employability: 1) employer reputation; 2) alumni outcomes; 3) partnerships with employers per faculty; 4) employer/student connections; and 5) graduate employment rate. These criteria supplement most UK universities and hence, its graduates are more appealing to employers, both in the UK and their home country. Best believe that upon completing your studies, lots of job placement opportunities will be waiting for you! 

  • Graduate Route Visa

Last but not least, the UK offers a special visa arrangement for UK graduates. As the graduate route had come into effect as of July 2021, now international students have the opportunity to extend their stay in the UK after their graduation for up to three years*. With this, you could enjoy a lengthened stay whether to look for work or work in the UK, resulting in a more memorable and beneficial experience! If you want to know more about how to apply for a graduate visa, this post  will provide you with the information that you need!

  • Healthcare Benefits!

As a part of the UK Student Visa, students studying in the UK for more than 6 months are entitled to acquire full NHS healthcare coverage, similar to those belonging to a permanent UK resident. The NHS healthcare coverage includes your visit to the Doctor's surgery, known as a General Practitioner (GP), a Healthcare Centre, or a Hospital (Cambridge, 2024). You would not need to worry about applying for separate insurance plans from private entities! Furthermore, you could save up your money for other peripherals such as living costs or tuition fees.

*) Two years for undergraduates and postgraduates, and three years for doctoral graduates (PhD)

All in all, there are many benefits of choosing the UK as your study destination ranging from quality learning to the graduate route. 

Having read all of this, are you now interested in embarking on your studying journey in the UK? Contact us at BritCham Education Centre to get more information on studying in the UK!