September 20, 2023 | Knowledge Bank

Sandwich Degree

Don’t want to miss out on working experiences? Or want to get most out of your studies in the UK? If that’s the case, you may want to consider doing a Sandwich Degree.

This option has a funny name, Sandwich Degree, due to the fact that it is usually done between your second and third year.

A Sandwich degree is a course that some UK universities offer, allowing students to study and do work placement (which can be done overseas) in a company or industry related to the course taken.

During Your Work Placement... 

Work placements will usually last around nine to twelve months between the academic years. During this time, you will be assigned to a project or research inside a company. This allows you to gain practical work experience in addition to your academic studies. The valuable skills gained and developed during this time will allow you to have a better sense of the workplace later.  

Your performance will be assessed and, in some cases, may be counted into your final result. Additionally, most work placements will pay you like a regular employee! 

Work placement helps you further your career prospects 

Having prior work experience is a bonus for both your personal and professional development and will add to your industry knowledge!  

 Some of the benefits you gain during a work placement include: 

  • Practical experience and knowledge gained in the workplace 
  • Useful industry skills and a taste of professional work  
  • An opportunity to expand your professional network 
  • Improve the chances of employment as companies may favour the additional experience you will have over your peers 

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