January 03, 2024 | Knowledge Bank

Debunking Negative Stereotypes of Studying in the UK

Moving to a new country to study is a big step as it entails stepping into an unknown territory. The decision to move could be affiliated with multiple factors ranging from interests towards the culture or even as simple as liking the city’s atmosphere. However, it is often the case that before your decision is set, a plurality of negative stereotypes may hinder you from the action of moving. In this short article, we are going to debunk the untrue negative stereotypes of studying in the UK.

  1. Studying in the UK is Very Expensive

Studying in the UK is relatively cheaper in comparison to other countries, especially when considering that the study period is shorter! 3 years for Bachelor’s degrees and 1 year for Master’s. You also have to consider that there are many funding options for international students to study in the UK ranging from part-funding to full-funding!

In many cases, the high cost of living is what hindered many international students from studying in the UK. However, many international students in the UK have opted to take part-time jobs, work placements or internships alongside their study program to support their finances. With your Student Visa, you will be eligible to do 20 hours of work per week and get paid! Additionally, if you follow our financial tips, then you will be good to go!

  1. The Food is Terrible

When thinking about British food, what comes into your mind might be the “traditional” mainstream food such as fish and chips and English breakfast. These foods are delicious, it relies on highlighting the flavour and freshness of the ingredient itself, yet to some they could be categorised as bland.

However, we argue that UK food acquires a wider scope, not just from the country itself yet originating from the diverse immigrant community that had found comfort in the UK as their home. London alone is home to 270 nationalities, 300 languages, and countless national cuisines from all over the world, not to mention fusions (British Council, n.d.). For international students, the UK is home to approximately 13,259 Asian restaurants (IBIS World, 2023). Even better, you can find many Indonesian restaurants in several big cities in the UK. Hence, you will feel right at home!

  1. Bad Weather

You might have heard several people say to you that the UK weather is bad because it is constantly raining, cold, and grey. The UK indeed experiences this weather throughout the year, but you need to be mindful that the weather conditions are far more diverse. You should acknowledge that the UK itself has four nations, including a varying climate depending on the regional weather characteristics. For example, in the UK, the west is often wetter, in contrast to the east which tends to be dryer. Meanwhile, as the north is colder, the south will be warmer.

As the UK acquires four distinct seasons, you will have the opportunity to experience all weather seasons during your stay in the UK. During the autumn, leaves would turn colours into orange, red, and yellow. In spring, the trees and flowering plants will blossom, creating an explosion of colours. When it is winter, if you are lucky, snow will fall and you could have the opportunity to do snow-related activities ranging from ice skating to skiing.

Autumn in Liverpool

Knowing all of these negative stereotypes overturned, the UK is actually an awesome place to continue your study after all, isn’t it? Contact our team to get more information about top UK universities that you could attend suitable to your interest!