December 06, 2023 | Knowledge Bank

Working whilst studying in the UK? Yes, you can!

Are you interested in studying in the UK while simultaneously filling up your CV with work experiences? Or, perhaps, you just would like to earn more pocket money so you could indulge in nice treats for yourself after a long day of studying?

How to know that you are eligible
If you are enrolled as a full-time degree student in one of the UK universities, you will be granted a Student Visa that will make you eligible to work part-time in the UK. However, you wouldn’t have the right to work if you hold a student visa only for a part-time course.

What you can and can’t do when you are employed
The UK offers a strict term for defining student employment in its territory. When a student breaches these rules, it would be increasingly difficult for them to obtain a new visa in the foreseeable future, including risks of prison time or deportation. Therefore, it is essential to consider the employment regulations to ensure that you are obeying the UK law.

We have compiled a list of peripherals to notice before you unconsciously step into a working scheme that will jeopardise your stay in the UK. In general, international students who are studying in the UK are only eligible for part-time work. There are also prohibitions for Student Visa holders to work in several sectors that offer full-time jobs. Enlisted below are the details of employment conditions that you must fulfill.

You could do:

  • Maximum 20 hours of work per week during university term time
  • Full-time work during vacation outside of term time
  • Full-time work during term time if it is a part of a course

You could not:

  • Be self-employed and engage in business activity
  • Work as a professional sportsperson or an entertainer
  • Work in a position that would grant a full-time permanent vacancy

Extended stay in the UK after graduation
The work arrangements might seem limited, fortunately, if you are a student who has completed your degree during or after Summer 2021, you now could obtain an extended stay to work or look for work in the UK for at least 2 years through the Graduate Route Scheme.