July 27, 2021 | University Partners

UWE Bristol launches Skills Bootcamps to connect people to employment

UWE Bristol is to launch a series of Skills Bootcamps in collaboration with the Institute of Coding (IoC) to boost people’s digital skills. The courses are open to those aged 19 and above, are free to individuals who meet the eligibility criteria and will cover subjects including cyber security, games technology and zero-carbon buildings.

The Institute of Coding (IoC) is a collaborative national consortium of industry, educators and outreach providers that are working together to respond to the UK’s digital skills gap through the delivery of employer-led digital skills education.

The Skills Bootcamps will provide learners with best-in-class digital skills education and deliver resilient pathways to work, with learners receiving the opportunity to interview with an employer upon the successful completion of their Skills Bootcamp.

As part of this provision, UWE Bristol will be providing three programmes, taught at the University: two 16-week programmes on Cyber Security and Games Technology set to start in November 2021, as well as a six-week Skills Bootcamp on zero-carbon buildings set to begin in January.

The Skills Bootcamps are open to all applicants provided they are aged 19 or over, are recently unemployed, self-employed or looking to move into a new job role. If they are selected, the course is free. Organisations can also apply if they wish to upskill an employee and move them up in the company. If they are selected, the cost to the employer is only 30% of the standard £3,500 course fee.

Each Skills Bootcamp can accommodate 30 participants, who will be taught by UWE Bristol lecturers and supported by graduate students and tutors from the University.

Tracey John, Director of Research, Business and Innovation at UWE Bristol said: “We are excited to be delivering the Skills Bootcamps, part of the Government’s Lifetime Skills Guarantee and Plan for Jobs. As we recover from the coronavirus pandemic, the University is keen to support skills development both regionally and nationally to help ensure nobody is left without opportunity. We have a number of diverse tech courses on offer for those who have been out of employment and are looking to reskill and boost their future job prospects.”

The IoC consortium, led by the University of Bath, was announced by Government this week (15 July) as a provider for the Department for Education’s (DfE) Skills Bootcamps.

If you are a prospective learner or employer and are interested in learning more about the IoC-led Skills Bootcamps, please visit IoCSkillsBootcamps.co.uk.