January 23, 2024 | University Partners

Talented University of Teesside’s graduates create graphics for BBC children’s TV show

Two Teesside alumni who set up their own games’ studio through a University graduate enterprise programme have worked with the BBC to develop unique graphics for a children’s gaming television show.

Oliver Lloyd and Luke Mills launched their gaming studio Dink through Teesside’s Launchpad after both graduating with BA (Hons) Games Art degrees in 2022.

The small creative studio designed and produced the in-programme game play graphics on the third series of CBBC’s TV show Lagging.

Luke said: ‘One of our previous clients recommended Dink to the BBC and we created the background graphics for the children’s television show, Lagging.

‘The work with the BBC began around August last year and ran smoothly with constant communication between both parties throughout the development.

‘Having the opportunity to work on a TV show was a refreshing experience as the process differed from our usual projects. I really enjoyed working with the BBC and bringing the show to life.

‘The most rewarding aspect of the project was seeing it all come together and having a studio-wide watch party afterwards to see the final episodes as they went live. It was such an awesome experience, I'm glad I got to share it with the team.’

Dink is a digital game development company and part of the Power Up Programme in Launchpad at Teesside University.

Oliver said: ‘We are grateful for the support of Teesside University’s Launchpad and being part of the PowerUp Programme, especially for the office space as we wouldn’t be able to operate without it.

‘We started Dink because we love playing and designing video games ourselves so having this opportunity from Teesside University is amazing.’

Steve Dougan, Head of Enterprise at Teesside University, said: ‘I am immensely proud of the team at Dink. They are using their skill, energy and passion whilst leveraging our support and space, to build a successful digital business whilst creating jobs for our graduates and retaining skills in our region.

‘Teesside University's Launchpad programme has supported the birth of some of our region’s fastest growing companies, and I am delighted that initiatives like PowerUp will support further growth in our independent video games cluster.’

Teesside University’s Power Up is a purpose-built accelerator programme for early-stage independent video games studios which offers six, 12-seater studios per team, PCs and software licences, PR and event support, industry-led workshops and mentors, and publisher pitching.