September 06, 2023 | Knowledge Bank

Keywords You Need to Know About Studying in the UK

Are you thinking of applying to UK universities? Here are some keywords you’ll need to know and get familiar with! 

Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS):

UCAS is a UK admission service for higher education used by both international students and UK national students. As most UK universities use UCAS, it is through their website that you will apply for an undergraduate degree in the UK.

Personal Statement:

Perhaps you are more familiar with the word 'essay', but UK universities often use a personal statement. A personal statement used for universities application is often longer (higher word count) and require more detail than an essay. In it you will write your interests, talents, achievement and goals, needed to convince the university that you would be a suitable student. This is why you should tailor the content to the universities and majors you are applying for.

Conditional Letter:

A conditional letter is an offer letter that has conditions related to admission requirements. This means that to be fully accepted by the university, you will need to fulfil the conditions present in the letter. These criteria could be about marks or other academic requirements.

Unconditional Letter:

An unconditional letter is similar to the conditional letter, except you will not need to fulfil any criteria. In fact, it means you have already met all the needed requirements and with that you have secured your place in the university.

Your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS):

A CAS is a confirmation statement that you will receive from your university once you have confirmed the offer letter and/or paid a deposit of your tuition fee. This will then be needed when you will apply for a Student Visa and collecting your BRP.

Sandwich Year/Programme:

A sandwich year/programme is a programme or year in which you will work (and get paid like a regular employee) during your academic course. This allows you to gain practical work experience in addition to your academic studies.

Graduate Route Visa:

A Graduate Route Visa is a type of visa that you can only apply for after completing a course in the UK. This visa will allow you to stay in the UK to work and/or look for work for 2 years (3 years for PhD or Doctoral graduate) after the degree has been awarded.

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