May 25, 2023 | University Partners

Loughborough University launches rebranded Business School

The School of Business and Economics has today changed its name to Loughborough Business School as part of a major rebrand.

Formerly known as the ‘School of Business and Economics’, Loughborough Business School aims to be the first-choice business school for purpose-led people and organisations.

The School’s Dean, Professor Jan Godsell, officially unveiled the School’s new identity and strategy at a launch event attended by industry partners, students and fellow academics from the University.

Opening the event, Loughborough’s Vice-Chancellor Professor Nick Jennings said: “The world faces many challenges for us as individuals, as communities and as nations.

“Not only that, but our planet is in crisis due to the effects of climate change.

“These challenges require a fundamentally different approach to business and business education.

“The most successful organisations will be those who put purpose at the core of everything they do and use it to inform every decision they make.

“Reflecting this, the new strategy of our business school makes it clear that its own purpose is to help others succeed in theirs.

“It will help ensure progress by working with our partners to challenge and inspire them on big issues in business and raise their game by challenging practice, policy and performance.

“It will also provide a nurturing, collaborative culture for our students to explore their potential and to make a difference.

“Loughborough Business School will achieve this, not only through engagement and deep partnership with businesses, but also with ourselves as we look to encourage our own academic research and learning to progress what we do as a wider university.”

Following the Vice-Chancellor's welcome, Prof Godsell explained the symbolic nature of the new identity – a move which signifies a new ethos and outlook for the School.

She said: “The world is changing. We’re coming into a new stage of our industrial evolution. One where we can no longer simply pursue consumption-driven economic growth, as this has come at a cost to our planet and society, resulting in inequities which are getting bigger.

"We need to think about how we can still support economic development but do so in a way that better balances the economy, the environment and society.

"And we need the people and organisations who are ready and equipped to drive that change.

"Progress with Purpose puts Loughborough Business School at the heart of a global movement, thinking about the big challenges the world is facing and working to find solutions to tackle those challenges.”

‌'Progress with purpose' - Loughborough Business School's new ethos. Credit Jake Hilder Photography.

Loughborough Business School’s new identity and vision was developed in partnership with Bristol-based brand consultancy, Firehaus.

The new strategy will include a host of core objectives related to the School’s research and innovation; its education and student experience; and the culture surrounding people and organisation.

Beth Pope, Managing Partner at Firehaus, said: “Positioning any brand for impact on a global stage is no small task.

“But Jan's ambition for the School when she initially approached us was clear - to place it not simply among a set of its best-known peers, but at the heart of a movement inspiring a different approach to business.

“At a time when we face ever greater economic, social and environmental challenges, organisations are more engaged than ever in how they make a positive contribution in the world.

“Progress with Purpose became a fitting way to encapsulate this - a mantra which is already galvanising people and conversations within the School itself.

“It reflects the many talents, focus and energies of students, staff and alumni within the School already, as well as setting out a compelling blueprint for the future.

“This methodical, meticulous and effective approach to driving long-term change captures a mindset we've seen much in evidence not just in the Business School, but in Loughborough University more widely.”