February 10, 2023 | University Partners

Loughborough University Joins the Association of Commonwealth Universities

Loughborough University has become a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) – a collaborative network of more than 500 institutions across 50 countries that use higher education as a cornerstone to build stronger societies and a better world.

The ACU enables its member universities to collaborate with one another on initiatives to tackle today’s global challenges, such as climate resilience. Members have the opportunity to contribute to high-level international policy agendas at Commonwealth ministerial meetings and the United Nations, for example, to champion higher education’s contribution to sustainable societal development. Staff and students are also able to access funding for grants, fellowships and scholarships, training and education events, and opportunities to share best practice.

“I am delighted that Loughborough University in now part of this influential global network,” said the Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Nick Jennings.

“The ACU’s three major themes – access and inclusion; international mobility; and higher education for sustainable development – align closely with the ethos, aims and themes of our own University strategy, Creating Better Futures. TogetherOur membership of the ACU will open up exciting new opportunities to engage and partner with universities around the world and will enable our staff and students to explore international education and training opportunities that have the power to make a positive and lasting difference.”