January 06, 2022 | University Partners

Leading Business and Public Figures Deliver Top Advice to Lancaster Management Students

Senior figures at Virgin Atlantic, The World Bank, Booths, Punch Pubs & Co, the Innovation Agency (NHS), and Manchester United FC, alongside a former are among those to address postgraduates on Lancaster’s Masters in Management (MiM) programme.

They have taken part in the new MiM Lounge and MiM Roundtable events, led by programme director Dr Ruilin Zhu. Dr Zhu initiated the events to provide students with first-person insight and links to industry.

“While we ensure our students are able to take full advantage of all the resources we have within the Management School, it is equally important for them to keep abreast of what is happening in the world of business itself,” said Dr Zhu.

“The MiM Lounge exposes students to latest industry trends and informs them of up-to-date developments that may shape our society and lives. They have delivered extraordinary personal and professional experiences and witty thoughts about life and work, shedding light on students’ employability and career pathway.”

Former MP and Lancaster alumnus Simon Danczuk and Virgin Atlantic Chief Customer and Operating Officer Corneel Koster led the first two sessions, with Suits Me Executive Chairman Matthew Sanders, Booths Chief Operating Officer Nigel Murray – who has offered to return in future – LUMS alumni entrepreneurs IT consultant Aditya Kadam, co-founder of Garchi International Ltd and Maharani Hariga, of adirani Digital Solutions, also taking part in sessions.

Simon Danczuk speaks to Masters in Management students

Mr Koster shared his extensive knowledge of the airline industry, including the economic contribution of and potential future trends in aviation, and career options for new graduates. He also addressed the challenges and opportunities facing the industry as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic as well as moves towards sustainability.

He said: “I really enjoyed the opportunity to speak with the MiM students. I enjoy interacting and hearing from all industry stakeholders, and the next well-educated generation is clearly a key stakeholder group.

“You know when your audience is engaged in the session through their questions and comments, and we had great engagement with this group. It is a great way to communicate with the talent of the future – people who could work in our wider industry, or who could work with us at Virgin Atlantic specifically.

“I think it is always interesting for students to hear from business leaders, how they got to where they are, and to see how they can start on the same journey. None of it is rocket science – you need to know yourself, you need to be always willing to develop, but opportunities are out there for those who put in the work.”

Matthew Sanders, who is also offering internships to Lancaster students and who is working on future events with the University, said: “I greatly enjoyed the day and hope the students benefited from the event too.”

Students on the MiM programme have spoken positively about the events.

Harshil Boparai said: “The speakers’ wealth of experience is a revelation and a learning experience for everyone on the programme. Their notable work and contributions in different domains, from market research and intelligence to politics, public affairs, communications and business development is truly inspiring and their talks enhance our studies.

“We have students from Asia, Continental Europe, Africa and South America with no prior experience of working in the UK, and the expertise of the speakers who have worked in several sectors across UK will be very beneficial for us all and will play a key role in understanding career paths we might want to pursue.”

Fellow student Harsh Khandelwal added: “Having so many experienced business leaders come in every week and hearing them speak is a big bonus.”