Useful Techniques and Scholarship Opportunities to Study in the UK

January 27, 2021 | 10 AM(Jakarta) | 03 AM(UK)
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Niluh Larasathy Pinkan Prameshwary
Staff of President University Alumni Relations Bureau


Chris Wren
Our Executive Director
Yuli Vega Tukidjo
Study UK Marketing Offer of British Council Indonesia

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In a webinar in collaboration with President University, on "Useful Techniques and Scholarships Opportunities to Study in the UK" we had Chenny and Andri Wulan Karindra (who is a UK graduate herself) representing BritCham Human Capital & Education Centre. Both shared the benefits and important techniques to help you prepare for your study in the UK.

  • Compared to universities in Indonesia where the courses tend to be more general, UK universities offer specific courses that is catered to private sector needs and the job market demand, which can greatly help you in the long run.
  • Before deciding on a university make sure to do your research on modules, graduates employability rank, tuition fees, accommodation and the job market in Indonesia to get ahead of yourself and better prepare your career plans.

Preparations prior to applying to university might be daunting for you but, BritCham Human Capital & Education Centre is the solution for you to plan your university selection and assist you with employer match-making.

We'd like to thank President University for inviting us to this informative session and British Council Indonesia for sharing scholarship opportunities in the UK.

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