Teesside School Visit to Universitas Prasetiya Mulya: Innovative Game Design

January 16, 2024 | 09 AM(Jakarta) | 02 AM(UK)

One of our university partners, Teesside University will be coming to Universitas Prasetiya Mulya.

Through an event entitled "Innovative Game Design: Merging Technology and Narrative." Teesside University's Principal Lecturer at the School of Computing,
Engineering, and Digital Technologies, Dominic Dunn, will be explaining more about the intersection of technologies, product design, and narrative when developing a game. Most notably, he will discuss methods to captivate an audience by enhancing gamer's experiences!

If you are interested in the process of game design or simply a person who likes playing games, come and join us! Fill in the registration form below.


Key Fact: Teesside University ranked 3rd in the top 5 UK Animation Schools (Animation Career Review 2020 International Rankings)