June 06, 2023 | Knowledge Bank

Conditional and Unconditional Letter

Have you successfully submitted your application to the university/ies that you have been dreaming of? If yes, then playing the waiting game for the result could be a little daunting. 

Some of you, perhaps, are more familiar with the term ‘Letter of Acceptance/LoA'. However, did you know that there are two common terms used by UK Universities which have the same meaning as LoA? They are conditional and unconditional letters. A conditional and unconditional letter will be given to applicants who are offered a place in the university they applied for. 


Conditional vs Unconditional Letter

Conditional Letter

If you receive a conditional letter, it means that you are accepted into the university with conditions attached. You are still required to fulfil certain criteria or to complete academic and admission documents for entry requirements. In general, the documents that need to be fulfilled when you receive a conditional letter are including, but not limited to:

  • Academic Transcript
  • English language proficiency certificate

Please make sure to check with your university’s admission team concerning the deadline of the required documents to make sure everything is completed on time.


Unconditional Letter

If you see an unconditional letter in your inbox, congratulations! You have met all of the entry requirements and have been accepted into the university. However, before making your final decision, take into consideration a few points:

  • Weigh out your options and compare it with other universities (if you are applying more than one university)
  • You can turn down the offer if you change your mind or if you have accepted another offer

For some universities, once you have accepted an unconditional offer, you are required to pay a deposit. Therefore, read your offer letter thoroughly for follow up requirements, if any.


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