June 15, 2022 | Knowledge Bank

Competing in Industry 4.0 as a FinTech Graduate

The FinTech ecosystem in Indonesia is currently growing at a rapid pace!

There are over 350 FinTech companies and this number will continue to increase in parallel with the development of digital technology.  The government has been encouraging this initiative by implementing regulations in hopes of promoting innovation and increasing financial inclusion in various fields like:

  • Peer-to-peer (P2P) Lending
  • Digital Payments
  • Open Banking

Riswinandi, the Chief Executive of the OJK Non-Bank Financial Industry Supervisor (IKNB), stated that Fin-Tech is one of the keys to accelerating economic growth by providing financial services to the informal sector and MSMEs. Furthermore, the government believes that the presence of FinTech can function as a bridge for people in remote places to carry out financial operations. This shows that the presence of FinTech proves to be helpful for people to access their financial needs.

The number of FinTech companies in Indonesia is quite large and varied with their respective advantages, but that doesn’t mean that innovation is not required.

The advancement of financial technology implies that the community's access to financial services is improving as well. Therefore, Fin-Tech graduates are continuously needed to give fresh ideas of what features should be included in the financial application or system.

Studying FinTech at UK universities is the perfect option that will equip you with globally marketable set of skills, in turn, preparing you to compete in the industry.

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