September 13, 2023 | Knowledge Bank

5 Top Tips for Getting a Scholarship (UK University Edition)

Many people dream of getting a scholarship to live out their academic ambition. Fortunately, nowadays, there are numerous scholarships available with different benefits that you can reap. However, applying for a scholarship can feel overwhelming, which is why we have prepared some tips to help you get your dream scholarship!  


1. Do your research

It’s important to know all your options and determine which one is the best choice for your academic career. Find the one that best suits your academic, career, and personal goals.


2. Meet specific requirements

Make sure that you meet the key criteria which the university is looking for, for instance, minimum GPA score, work experience and/or additional test required. So, remember to pay attention to the details!


3. Be mindful of the timelines

Planning ahead is paramount as you need to make sure that all the necessary arrangements are ready. Remember to take note of the timelines so that you can meet all the checking points needed to apply.


4. Work out a personal statement or essay

This is one of the most crucial parts of a scholarship application. In a personal statement or essay, you have the chance to convince the scholarship committee as to why you deserve the scholarship. Don't be shy to share your achievements as this could boost your chance of getting the scholarship.


5. Seek assistance before submitting

Asking for help in reviewing or proofreading your work is highly suggested as a fresh pair of eyes could detect something that you might miss. Reach out beyond your immediate network, preferably someone who might have a specific insight about university applications.


*If an interview is part of the process, it is worth creating a list of questions that you think might be asked. You could also have a mock interview with your teacher/friend/mentor to practice your answers as well as get their advice. 

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