January 11, 2021 | Stakeholders

UK Lockdown National Policy on Universities

Offline Courses

Before arriving in the UK students are advised to to prepare properly, namely:

  • Check with respective university regarding when face-to-face learning begins.
  • Check with the respective university when students plan to arrive on campus so assistance can be provided.
  • Inform respective university when arriving outside the date requested by the campus.
  • Complete the passenger locator form.
  • Prepare essential needs such as clothing, perishable food, international transaction equipment, medicines, masks, hand sanitizers and other personal items sufficiently during the isolation period.
  • Prepare safe and flexible accommodation for at least a period of isolation.

Upon arrival, students must:

  • Self-quarantine for 10 days and PCR tests will be carried out twice, upon arrival and 5 days after self-quarantine. If the second test is not carried out, then the person concerned is obliged to self-quarantine for 10 days during self-isolation.
  • Follow GOV.UK's "Safer Travel Guidance for Passenger" guidelines, and adhere to GOV.UK's "How to Self Isolate" guidelines.

Online Courses

  • Students in Indonesia are encouraged to take online lectures, as facilitated by each university until new regulations are issued. This provision also applies to students taking practical courses that are not included in the list.
  • Please continue to consult with the university and monitor UK government regulations during the pandemic in GOV.UK as the regulations are subject to change from time to time