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  • Jade Megan Supple

    • Thanks to the BritCham Education Centre team for assisting me to secure a place at UWE, Bristol. The level of information and their support to me was top notch!

      The team was encouraging, super helpful and they patiently guided me since the beginning of the process - they made sure I didn’t miss any deadlines/ details and kept me informed with the development of my application to the University.

      I am very glad that I contacted BritCham because now I am living the best life as an international student here in Bristol! I have recommended their support to my family members and friends who are planning to study in the UK and will keep continuing to do so. Once again, thank you BritCham!

  • Nicholas Parsintaan Pasaribu

    • The BritCham Education Centre has provided me with numerous benefits and it made me easier in preparing for and ultimately obtain admission to the university of my choice in the United Kingdom. They guided me through every step of the process, from the file administration until the day of my departure to the UK.

      What makes me extremely satisfied and amazed is that I was directly supervised by Ms. Arin and Ms. Chenny, they are super friendly, but also experienced, and professional. They provided me with a wealth of important information about higher education in the UK and I was also introduced to UK universities affiliated with BritCham.

      They assisted me in obtaining a scholarship, which I eventually obtained! This could happen because they were very cooperative and informative to me.

      Many thanks to BritCham, especially to Ms. Chenny, who spent a great deal of time mentoring and educating me about different aspects of coping with concerns and preparation.

  • Jeremy Sutanto

    • BritCham Education Centre has exceeded my expectations of being a service provider for UK university applications.

      I, personally, wouldn't have done all processes for my study in the UK without their help. There are no words that can express my debt of gratitude to the people from BritCham Education Centre who have guided me from the starting line until the finish.

      My biggest thanks to Kak Chenny and the team, I will forever appreciate their sincerity of them whilst helping me for the past year.

      101% recommended for future undergrads to apply through BritCham Education Centre!

  • Jane Novena Megaputri Herrysono

    • I got to know all about the UK from an information session presented by BritCham Education Centre during one of their virtual visits to Maranatha Christian University.

      From that, they helped me literally from 0! supported me in any way possible even until I am here in Leeds a month later, and they still keep in touch with me to help me out. Especially for Kak Chenny, all of this would not be possible and I would not be here without the support from the BritCham Education Centre team.

      From the many difficulties I experienced from the university application to getting my visa and finally settling in Leeds, the team was always there for me.

      Thank you so much BritCham Education Centre! I really appreciate it and your support is beyond my expectation. I love it here already!

  • Mrs. Yanti Leo (Mother of Jeremy Sutanto)

    • Since our first communication, BritCham Education Centre has already given us full information, guidance, and was very attentive to all of our inquiries.  As this is our first experience sending our son abroad for his study, those three things were what we needed the most.

      As parents, we are strongly satisfied with the quality and relevance of the information and advice given by the BritCham Education Centre team. The team was very knowledgeable and professional which was very helpful for us in helping our son with his further studies.

      They guided us throughout the process and always responded to our inquiries sincerely. Our sincerest appreciation to Ms. Chenny for her full support, willingness to share the information, her commitment, and sincerity in guiding us every step of the way.

      For parents who are considering the UK for their children’s study destination, I would highly recommend BritCham Education Centre for its excellent holistic support!

  • Mr. Charles Sirapandji (Father of Moses Sirapandji)

    • I knew about BritCham after my son obtained Conditional Acceptance of Study at Teesside University (one of the universities which BritCham represents in Indonesia.)

      I am happy about their level of support (in the business world, is called, Customer Service) which was really good and very professional! I had lots of questions, and even though not all of them could be resolved or answered immediately, the level of commitment and action given was superb. This act from the Education Centre team definitely gave reassurance to me as a parent that all will well.

      Thank you BritCham Education Centre team!

  • Mrs. Ika Mardianingsih (Mother of Diana Astari)

    • I would like to show my gratitude to BritCham Education Centre for providing guidance and assistance to my daughter throughout her journey to obtain her desired school in the UK.

      Mbak Chenny and her team were very knowledgeable! They not only got my daughter to understand better the UK education system and university application process but also, gave her some useful insights and cleared some doubts about her future career in Fashion which she is very passionate about. They have definitely exceeded our expectations and I would gladly recommend their support!

       A massive thank you to BritCham Education Centre team for how brilliant they were in assisting our daughter. I wish my daughter the best of luck in her studies in the UK and I hope BritCham Education Centre will continue to provide great services in the future for any Indonesian students who wish to study in the UK.

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