July 12, 2022 | University Partners

Leeds Beckett University and Nike strengthen collaboration with global coach development projects

Leeds Beckett University (LBU) is partnering with Youth Sport Trust International to deliver the Nike Made to Play Coach Educator programme, recruiting and training a diverse group of coach educators to deliver a positive play curriculum across six major European cities.

Dr Gary Hodgson from Carnegie School of Sport is leading the project with the support of Professor Sergio Lara-Bercial.

The Leeds Beckett University academics will develop coaching resources in six different languages and provide mentor support for coach educators in London, Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Berlin and Milan over a six month period.

The project will aim to reach and impact over 100 children's coaches across Europe. This will then benefit thousands of youth sport participants across the continent.

Dr Gary Hodgson said: "This is another fantastic opportunity to develop the children's coaching workforce across Europe. With the support of Nike and Youth Sport Trust International, we are able to take big steps forward in the pursuit of enhancing youth sport that puts children first.”

Leeds Beckett University is already working with Nike on a number of other innovative projects to encourage sport participation.

Nike Kids

Nike approached experts at Leeds Beckett University to help design scripts for young coaches who are passionate about sport and want to be part of the future by coaching the new generation of physically active youngsters.
The Nike Kids programme is also aimed at existing coaches who want to improve their skills and get kids moving through play, especially parents or carers turned coaches.

This programme aims to create a mind-set shift in how Nike Training Club App (NTC) members conceive training and working out by providing a chance to have fun while getting fitter and re-discover and re-connect with their inner child.

Dr Tom Mitchell said: “The Nike Kids project aims to create a mindset shift in adults to conceive training in a new way. Through the development of example workouts we hope to encourage coaches to incorporate playful, fun and engaging activities into their coaching and get kids moving through play.”

The programme includes three modules around strength and stability, coordination and speed and finally Endurance. Each module had the aim of incorporating playful activities to development core elements of physical fitness.


Leeds Beckett University, through ICOACHKIDS, has partnered with Nike since July 2020 to develop a short essentials course for children’s coaches.
This short course lives on Nike's NTC (Nike Training Club) app, the ICOACHKIDS website and the ICOACHKIDS YouTube Channel accruing over 1 million impressions to date.

The course is also available with subtitles in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Greek, Hungarian, Norwegian, Polish, Swedish, Turkish and Russian.

The team have developed a coach’s toolkit for children’s coaches consisting of 29 Activity Videos, six session plans, and five coaching toolkit infographics.

They have also created a new ICOACHKIDS website which includes a repository of over 300 free coach learning resources, including videos, articles, infographics and other coaching resources as well as spaces to connect, communicate and share resources.

This project is led by Professor Sergio Lara-Bercial and supported by Dr Gary Hodgson. Other LBU contributors to the project include Professor Kevin Till, Professor Leanne Norman, Professor Julian North, Dr Andy Abraham, Dr Tom Mitchell, Dr Megan Hill, Professor Hayley Fitzgerald, Dr Annette Stride, Dr Ruth Brazier, Barnaby Sargent-Megicks, Naadrah Hafeez and Dr Megan Hill.